Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 2

Week 2, day 1, Rubber Boot Journalist is working on rice this week. Did you know rice is seeded from the air?

 Did you know 95% of California rice is grown about 100 miles from the state capital of Sacramento?  For more information on rice go to

Week 2, day 3, Rubber Boot Journalist starts work on a haylage article. Anyone know what haylage is? It's rice straw that's made into a kind of silage and the straw is the left over stubble after the straw is harvested. Anyone know what silage is? Check in tomorrow to find out.

Week 2, day 4, Rubber Boot Journalist silage is pasture grass that has been ‘pickled’. Farmers raise corn and harvest and store it for silage. Here's a video that shows the process.  Tomorrow's topic walnuts and the drought.

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